Pacific Teen Treatment

Short-term (30-45 day) residential treatment for teens located in Malibu, California

Pacific Teen Treatment is dedicated to creating a nurturing and healing environment to treat the contemporary issues facing today’s teenagers. Staffed by experienced, highly trained professionals, the program treats only six clients at a time to provide a personalized treatment experience specifically tailored to the needs of each client and family. We believe in a family-focused approach, with all family members playing an integral role in the treatment process.

Our areas of specialization include teen mental and emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, and trauma and behavioral issues, including school avoidance, social isolation, self-harm, and addiction issues, which can expand beyond substance abuse to include social media, gaming, and internet addictions. The program includes an academic component and a focus on exercise, nutrition, and wellness to treat the whole person.

As a voluntary program, we do not treat clients with a history of being physically aggressive, violent, sexually aggressive, or heavily oppositional behaviors.

Pacific Teen Treatment works extensively with private insurance. Unfortunately, we cannot accept HMO, Kaiser, TriCare, or State funded insurance policies. If you’d like help to better understand your insurance coverage, you are welcome to fill out the Insurance Verification form.

Pacific Teen Treatment is committed to providing the highest quality care for teens and families. We take pride in our strong reputation, as reflected in the reviews shared by our alumni clients and their families.

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An admission specialist is available 24/7 to answer any questions or to provide a complimentary assessment.  Help is just a call away.

Dedicated to treating the underlying issues and not just the behaviors our program features:

Featuring a 2:1 client to staff ratio

Non-punitive approach to treatment

Comprehensive diagnostic testing & Psychiatric Evaluation

Individual Therapy five days a week

Group Therapy multiple times a day

Family Therapy multiple times a week

At a time when most residential programs are affiliated with large healthcare corporations or backed by private equity, Pacific Teen Treatment is proudly a private, family-owned operation.

Family Testimonials

  • Our experience at PTT was nothing short of life changing for our family and our son. When we had very little experience in knowing where to turn to and who to trust with the care of our son, we stumbled upon the PTT website and saw some wonderful and warm reviews and decided to call Jeremy. His compassionate and gentle approach was exactly what we needed and immediately made us feel comfortable and interested in learning more. Our son even opted to talk with Jeremy and came away with a really good feeling about PTT and the approach, and while he still wasn’t all in on going, the discussion with Jeremy relieved a lot of his apprehension. The intake with Cindy was thorough and professional and she shared a lot of good information about the program as well. The weekly parent sessions run by Cindy on Sunday mornings provided excellent therapy for us and we were able to bond with the other parents. On the day of arrival, Kathie did an amazing job of welcoming our son and the entire family and putting us at ease. She has a very kind and soothing way about her that told us that our son was in good hands. Jeremy and Kathie’s overall leadership and manner set the tone for the entire PTT experience. What can I say about the support staff? The CA’s were an incredible group of people who provided support, friendship and a listening ear to our son. Derek, Sophia, Ali, Katie, Ned and many more provided a support structure that was friendly yet firm and structured. Our son really bonded with the staff and made him feel very comfortable. What can I say about the therapists? Dr. Miller and her team were absolutely the best. Chris was our son’s primary therapist and immediately allowed our son to get comfortable and open up. Chris was the best fit for our son and provided great counsel and support. Lucy is another amazing therapist that provided a warm presence for our son to talk to when Chris was not around. Courtney was our family therapist and had the entire family opening up, crying and becoming even closer as a family unit. She had just the right touch in those sessions. Dr. Kimn provided psychiatric support in a compassionate and supportive manner that allowed us to make informed decisions on medicinal aspects of our son’s care. Each Tuesday, I looked forward to our check-in chat with Dr. Kimn and peppered him with questions and he was a patient ear who gave really great advice and feedback. Surrounding all of this focused and intense individual and group therapy was a constant stream of activities that struck the right balance so our son could have fun and breathe a little bit. Surfing at the beach, trapezing, karaoke, writing original songs on the keyboard with Ali and Chris, weekly visits to Barnes and Noble, Sunday night bake-offs, etc gave our son memories of a lifetime and allowed him to really bond with his PTT peers and the support staff. Our son also loved the weekly yoga, exercise, music and other extracurricular activities that were brought to the doorstep of PTT. And Cyril the chef was the cream of the crop and our son is no longer a picky eater! Our son arrived at PTT skeptical of therapy, thinking no one could help him, and feeling he would not be able to relate to his peers. From day one, he embraced the PTT experience and worked really hard on himself. That was only possible because of the myriad of benefits I highlighted above. As a result, he walked out of PTT fully embracing the value of individual and group therapy, realizing that it was possible to get the help that he needed, and bonding with his peers such that he considers them friends for life and a surrogate family that will serve as ongoing support for each other. He really loved his PTT experience and loved the all the staff. We are immensely grateful and thankful to the entire PTT team. The 6 week stay far exceeded our expectations and provided a solid foundation for our son to build upon as we move forward.

    KW Avatar KW
    November 7, 2023
  • I went here three years ago, an absolute mess of a kid who had no desire to live or really do anything at all. I literally jumped at every sound, flinched at every movement, honestly if I met myself back then I would have deemed myself a lost cause. But my treatment team didn’t. For the first time in my entire life I felt safe and loved, and to be honest I didn’t trust it at all. I acted out, waiting for them to prove my theory that all people are violent and malicious, but they never did. the staff took care of me for two months, putting up with all my dumb stunts, and helping me through every low. I was able to discover a personality for the first time, and I truly consider PTT the first real home I ever had. Anyways, the whole reason I’m writing this is because I just turned 18. I made it to be an ‘official adult’, something my younger self swore would never happen. I still struggle with an array of mental health problems, relapses, almost dying blah blah but the difference is that now I want to live, something I used to swear to all the wonderful people at PTT I would never want. Anyways. All this to say, parents, if PTT is anything like it was a couple years ago I truly believe it is the best place to send your kids who need any sort of help. After ending up in terrible rehab situations after here, it makes me appreciate good places like this even more. Places with people that actually give a damn. Means the world. I still hate family therapy though 🙂

    Raven Mills Avatar Raven Mills
    October 7, 2023
  • Our daughter was here in March. I did so much research and when I found PTT I knew it was the place. From the very beginning to the end of her 3 week stay I knew we made the right decision. The staff is absolutely top notch. Jeremy helped us from the beginning get set up and coordinate when would be best to come. Although we live out of state it was worth every penny we paid. Our daughter is like a new person. We still have her in IOP back home. However, the treatment and skills she learned at PTT will be with her her whole life. We are so grateful for the excellent care and support she got. They really involve the family as well. It was so helpful since we couldn’t be there to see and go through treatment. If we ever have a relapse our daughter will for sure come back here. I can’t recommend PTT enough for their amazing program to help a struggling teen.

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    Shannon Parys Avatar Shannon Parys
    June 7, 2023
  • When our daughter was struggling with depression and anxiety, I remember searching endlessly and stumbling upon Pacific Teen Treatment. You can trust the amazing reviews; it was truly a life changing experience for our daughter. Jeremy was incredibly helpful and compassionate during our intake interview and continued to support our family even months after her departure. Every single person that works at PTT is invested in the healing, growth, and well-being of each child. We found all of the therapists to be top notch and due to their consistent presence in the home, they connect easily and authentically with all of the teens. Our daughter learned so much and grew from the wide variety of therapeutic approaches and activities that they offered. Their staff psychiatrist is outstanding and works closely with both parents and teens to educate everyone on the approach to treatment, medication management, and long-term goals for your child. PTT has a comprehensive approach that includes a multitude of resources for parents and offers regular ways for you to heal and grow alongside your teen. They also supported our family upon discharge by ensuring that professional support was in place for our family (individual and family therapists) and that a comprehensive home plan was outlined and established. We were so thankful to find a residential program that offered consistent boundaries for our daughter without utilizing a punitive system. Our entire family continues to rave about the countless ways that PTT has positively impacted our lives. Just last weekend I overheard my 17-year-old daughter tell someone that her time at PTT saved her life. If your child is struggling and you have an opportunity to send them to Pacific Teen Treatment, you will not regret your decision.

    Leslie Decina Avatar Leslie Decina
    June 7, 2023
  • This was a very positive experience in our daughters life journey. PTT did everything they said they we're going to do. yes it's expensive but we felt the service and therapy they provided was excellent.The exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend.

    Rich M Avatar Rich M
    March 11, 2023
  • PTT is wonderful! We have been art therapy services there for years and can say first hand that they deliver top notch care for the youth. Jeremy and his team do an excellent job of making sure the teens receive the best possible services and quality treatment. Highly recommend.

    Summer Mencher Avatar Summer Mencher
    October 11, 2022
  • there’s about a million words i could say about ptt, but i’ll start with this: it was absolutely amazing. when my parents and i were looking for the right residential for me, there was a lot of fear and stress. we had heard various stories about teens entering a residential facility and leaving it years later with more trauma than when they initially entered. with that in mind, i’m not going to lie, choosing ptt was scary! however, during the intake process, jeremy’s communication was absolutely stellar; he answered all of my questions and concerns no matter how silly, and did the same for my parents. when time actually came for me to move in and start treatment, the support i got was better than i could’ve imagined. the staff remained stern yet beyond supportive which fostered an environment that was perfect for personal development. even on the days when a client misbehaved, they were held accountable whilst still being provided productive treatment. the overall layout of the program was also a perfect mix of therapy and fun. despite having group and 1on1 therapy every day, the movie nights, game nights, and daily outings allowed for my time there to remain enjoyable. i also cannot rave enough about art therapy (michelle is amazing), yoga, and workout group. furthermore, the presence of the therapy dogs (yeti and gator who are the cutest ever) gave ptt a home-like feeling. during the weekdays we also went to school where the teacher is in constant communication with everyone’s teachers + provided us with any and all assistance accessible, ensuring that grades remained as high as they could be. in my weeks there, i met some of my closest friends and truly the best people. additionally, i remain in contact with my primary therapist as well as other staff, which only emphasizes the grand impact they had on my recovery. ptt exceeded all expectations and ensured that my parents were also in the loop via weekly family sessions, multi-fam group, plus a parent group that my parents attended. there are few things in life that i 100% do not regret and ptt is one of them. if you are nervous about attending (or sending your child there) i promise that you’re in the best hands. i am forever grateful for all of the experiences i got during my time at pacific teen treatment. thank you for everything, ZoTs (12/23/21 - 02/05/22) ps. on wednesday when you go to buyo, the best order is lavender honey ice cream with mochi, trust me! oh also, the passion fruit plant and other trees are totally active and produce amazing produce so i highly recommend going outside every few days and picking up the ripe fruit!

    Zohar T Avatar Zohar T
    September 11, 2022
  • This place is 5 star, it literally saved our daughter. When our daughter entered PTT she was in a deep depression and was extremely closed off, combative and suicidal. We tried several individual therapists and two different IOP groups unsuccessfully. She was not able to do school, wasn’t motivated to shower and didn’t want to be around her friends. All she talked about was not wanting to live, and what was the point. When she entered PTT she bonded with the other kids there immediately because she knew she was not alone in her struggle and could finally talk to kids her age who could relate to her feelings. PTT provided well trained therapists and staff who really bond with your kids. They are very down to earth. The house is feels safe and cozy and the back yard is huge with a nice little fire pit that they are able to sit at and have group. PTT provides many activities and they have a personal chef! Our daughter decided to go vegetarian during her stay there because they visited a farm and she held a chicken and fell in love with it. She then decided it was sad to eat chicken..but the chef was able to accommodate her for the rest of her stay and made her some fabulous tasting vegetarian meals. She was able to start school again while there. The teacher was very on the ball and was in touch with daughter’s school to get things going. I think it took two days for our daughter to get back into it. It’s so helpful that there is a program/schedule to follow. Nobody is forced to follow along, but I think if they don’t, they feel left out. Even during Covid, PTT was still able to take the kids out frequently to get ice cream or visit a local book store. It made things seem more normal during this state of craziness out there. Our daughter loved the group therapy. There were several activities where her peers could chime in and I think that was helpful for her. There was frequent contact with her 1:1 therapist, family groups and meetings for just my husband and I to get some therapy and feedback. It definitely was family inclusive. Dr. Kim was very involved and thoroughly explained his thoughts and reasoning if he recommended medications. He never pushed his agenda. His recommendation for meds for our daughter helped her to cope. She is still on the same medication routine and it is definitely working. He knows what he is doing. And it was comforting to know, just by coincidence, that when we got home and talked to our daughter’s psychiatrist (whom we love) that he actually went to medical school with Dr. Kim. We are so grateful and thankful to have found PTT. It was definitely the right choice. We have our kid back!!

    Alexis Lee Avatar Alexis Lee
    May 11, 2022
  • I had two stays at PTT, they were both extremely helpful and helped me bounce back after some really rough spots in my life. If you are looking for a place to help with mental health this is definitely the place for you????. All of the staff is really kind and supportive. As there are only 6 clients at a time everyone's experience is truly tailored to what they need at the time. I loved both of my stays and I recommend this facility to anyone who is struggling with mental health, addiction or eating disorders. --LySm

    Lydia Smack Avatar Lydia Smack
    May 11, 2022
  • I can not say enough good things about PTT. They are the perfect example of what adolescent treatment should be. From the first moment to the last they are supportive, kind and empathetic. There is so much communication from PTT during the stay that it provides so much comfort to parents. They engage the whole family in treatment to really ensure success of the teen. They also set health boundaries and are honest about expectations. We did not have a negative experience with anyone involved in the process. If you are a parent or someone looking for support for a teenager with mental health issues you should definitely reach out to PTT. As a parent I can tell you that the stress you are feeling right now will be relieved the moment you talk to them. I'm so thankful that a place like PTT exists and it gives me hope that we can help teens in need to have a better life.

    Kelly Church Avatar Kelly Church
    May 11, 2022

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