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We work with each teenager’s family and local outpatient providers to insure a proper continuity of care.

Connecting our clients to local resources, such as various support groups, healthy activity options (i.e. fitness classes, meditation classes, volunteer opportunities…etc.), and other specialized professionals (i.e. nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychologists…etc.) is important for a young person’s transition out of the Pacific Teen Treatment residence. Our clients are here because they need to let go of the some of the habits and patterns that no longer behoove them, as they have become physically, mentally, and/ or emotionally harmful. We work hard during our program to help to adjust these behaviors, patterns, and habits, but the teen must continue the work after he or she leaves Pacific Teen Treatment.

Aftercare and Support Services

All of the residents at Pacific Teen Treatment are bright, young individuals. Each have endured emotional struggles and learned to rely on negative coping skills to manage their emotions. Reinforcing the skills learned at Pacific Teen Treatment by following one’s aftercare plan and taking advantage of the various local support services allow the adolescent to continue on his or her path of recovery and live a healthy life.

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Our admissions team can be reached 24/7 at or call: Phone Number,(800) 531-5769

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