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Aftercare and Support Services


Aftercare plans are an essential element to a young persons recovery process.

Each teenager’s aftercare plan will be based off of his or her individual needs. Pacific Teen Treatment, much like it creates tailored treatment plans for each of its teenagers, it also creates unique, individualized aftercare plans. Our therapeutic staff works hard with the young person to co-create a sustainable plan to help with the adolescent’s continued recovery.

Aftercare plans can be created with great detail, leaving little room for flexibility or they can be slightly more vague, allowing for more leeway.The mental health professional in addition to the teen will decide which method may work best for the individual. Aftercare plans often include follow-up therapy, fitting in regular exercise into one’s daily schedule, how and when to conduct daily check-ins with oneself, attendance of relevant support groups, and in some cases, the continuation of medication (including regular doctor visits to insure proper medication intake). Aftercare plans can go as far as including detailed healthy meal choices and selecting a regular and consistent bedtime hour.

All of the information, skills, and tools learned throughout a teen’s treatment program at Pacific Teen Treatment work to properly prepare the teenager for the outside world. Being a part of its creation, knowing, and understanding one’s aftercare plan can be empowering and motivating. Hence, it is essential to have a proper aftercare plan in place before the completion of the treatment program.

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