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At Pacific Teen Treatment, we understand how complicated and confusing it can be working with insurance companies, particularly at a time when a family member is struggling. We have dedicated, full time staff available to assist with every step in the insurance process to ease the burden as much as we can.



Pacific Teen Treatment is an out of network provider with all insurance companies, meaning we can work with the majority of private pay, PPO insurance policies. Unfortunately, this means that state or government funded policies, HMO policies as well as Kaiser Permanente policies will not cover any of the cost of treatment at Pacific. If you are unsure of the type of insurance policy you have, we can help get additional information through our insurance verification form.


Insurance plans can have a range of benefits with various levels of coverage for specialized services such as Residential Treatment.  If you’d like us to look into your insurance benefits please fill out the form here.  This will allow us to confirm the benefits specific to your policy to break down any out of pocket costs. Our insurance team will verify benefits and an admissions coordinator will call you back within 24 hours.  It is important to note that this is NOT a binding process but rather allows us to verify the benefits on behalf of the member.


Insurance companies require constant updates throughout the duration of treatment to extend and maintain insurance authorization.  Pacific Teen Treatment has an in-house team that communicates directly with the insurance company to maximize the amount of insurance coverage authorized.   If at any point we have difficulty obtaining an authorization our staff will reach out to the member immediately to notify them and explore next steps.


Pacific Teen Treatment has staff in place to submit bills to your insurance company and follow up to ensure prompt payment. We will submit the bills in a timely manner and do all that we can to ensure prompt reimbursement from your insurance company.


There are numerous appeal processes available when facing a denial of coverage from an insurance companies.  This process can vary depending on the insurance company and structure of the policy but regardless of the circumstances our staff will work with the member to formulate a plan to appeal any denial of coverage.


At Pacific Teen Treatment we work with third party lenders who specialize in financing medical expenses.  You can learn more about those options at the links below.  In addition, we accept all major credit cards at no additional service charge.

If you have any questions not answered above please do not hesitate to call and speak directly with an admissions coordinator at Phone Number,800-531-5769 or by email.

PTT calling card, Call, (800) 531-5769, or fill out the form below to reach us today.

PTT is an out of network with all insurance companies but can accept most private insurance. Unfortunately, we are not able to work with Medi-Cal or other state-funded insurance policies.

We can verify benefits with your insurance company by completing the form below

Verify Insurance
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