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Residential Treatment for Teens & Families

Located just minutes from the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains, Pacific Teen Treatment is dedicated to creating a nurturing and healing environment to treat the contemporary issues facing today’s teenager. 

Staffed by experienced, highly trained professionals, the program treats only six clients at a time to provide a highly personalized treatment experience, specifically tailored to the needs of each client and family.  We believe in a family-focused approach, with all family members playing an integral role in the treatment process.
Our areas of specialization include teen mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and teen trauma and various behavioral issues including school avoidance, social isolation, and addiction issues, which can expand beyond substance abuse to also include social media, gaming and internet addictions.  In order to best treat the whole person, the program includes an academic component and a focus on exercise, nutrition, and wellness.

An admissions specialist is available 24/7 to answer questions or to provide a complimentary assessment. Help is just a call away.    (800) 531-5769

Dedicated to treating the underlying issues and not just the behaviors our program features:


Featuring a 2:1 client to staff ratio

Non-punitive approach to treatment

Comprehensive diagnostic testing & Psychiatric Evaluation

Individual Therapy six days a week

Group Therapy multiple times a day

Family Therapy multiple times a week

We Accept All Private Insurance

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Family Testimonials

  • review rating 5  PTT truly has a ground breaking approach to what has become an epidemic in our society with mounting stress and anxiety on our youth. I truly believe there needs to be a paradigm switch in the mental health world started by these wonderful pioneers. They have created a nurturing, safe environment that promotes healthy lifestyles and is implemented by a caring and loving staff from top to bottom. Whereas most in the mental health space simply continue to label conditions or behaviors, they have figured out that most if not all that inflicts our children from drug/alcohol abuse to self-harm stems from a lack of self-worth. They have many unique techniques and approaches through group, family and one-on-one therapy that work on unearthing the root cause of these issues. Their holistic approach of integrating music, art, writing, yoga, exercise and healthy eating while taking time away from the ills of social media allows the kids to formulate better coping techniques for the real world instead of the maladaptive coping strategies that have brought us all to this point! That said, it is not an easy road and when your child returns home they are not "cured," but it will definitely change the trajectory of your families life. The truth is our daughter was not to pleased about having to do inpatient treatment originally, but she actually cried on the Uber to the airport that she was going to the miss the staff and other clients. We both got emotional thinking about this journey. Thank you so much to everyone on the staff at PTT. We miss you all and send love.

    thumb Adam Klein
  • review rating 5  Our family will be forever grateful for the folks at Pacific Teen Treatment and what they accomplished with our daughter. Unlike the vast majority of treatment centers they stress the importance of family participation. This is an invaluable part of the program. When Jeremy Manne answered the hotline we were almost immediately put at ease and knew this is where we would take our daughter. Jeremy is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. Only allowing 6 teens at one time is unheard of and there is a 2 to 1 ratio of therapist to teen. The staff is awesome. They are all highly trained professionals, very pleasant to work with, and most importantly, involve the teens in a variety of ways to help them absorb what they are there to learn and experience. The place is in a beautiful and comfortable setting, and the food is amazing. Our daughter learned so much about the importance of good, healthy nutrition. They are also very focused on helping with the transition when they leave. After bringing our daughter home, there were times when we had questions and needed some advice. They were very accommodating and took the time to speak with us. Our daughter even called because she knew she could ask questions and get what she needed. Our family can gladly say that we consider the folks at PTT to be friends for life. Speaking of life, they saved our daughter’s life and prepared us all for being able to communicate and support each other through life’s journey. Our daughter understands this is just the beginning and that she will never forget what she has learned. Thanks so very much to PTT! We love you guys.

    thumb John Young
  • review rating 5  I want to THANK Pacific Teen Treatment center for all their guidance, support, and teaching. We are greatly thankful for all the help we received from all staff. There are really no words to explain the appreciation my child and family have for every single one of you. The tools you provided us are working to better help my family during our daily lives and overcome some very difficult situations. GRACIAS ❤

    thumb Ale Calderon
  • review rating 5  It is, at best, "difficult" and at it's worst, "a devastating crisis" to try and find resources for teens that struggle with anxiety and depression. Pacific Teen Treatment and its team of professionals not only educated us about the process of treatment, but provided us transformative tools, as a family, to begin to move forward and support our children. The approach is about mind, body and soul and the healing is about us all. Thank you!

    thumb karen compton
  • review rating 5  Mental health, we take it for granted until life shows us that we can't. This is certainly the case for us and our family. After two hospitalizations in a one month span for severe depression with seeming psychosis, we were in a bad place with our young teen. We felt lost, alone and very much lacking in the skills necessary to continue to raise day to day someone who was this ill. Truly a miracle, on a whim, I reached out to Pacific Teen Treatment (PTT) and immediately felt saved. Jeremy, the company's founder, personally handled all of my initial concerns and questions as we wrestled with the very difficult decision to place our daughter in a 30 plus day residential program. He made magic happen and just days later, our daughter, lost and seemingly lacking in life light, was taken in to PTT with open, caring and expert arms. Over the next 33 days, with the astounding care of the entire PTT team including Mariana, her individual therapist and Angela, the family therapist, our sweet daughter came back to life! Needless to say, I could write pages about the wonders that is this program. How can words alone suffice what PTT has done for not only my daughter, but our entire family? The program has it all- individual daily therapy, group therapy, family therapy, therapeutic school time, all facilitated by licensed therapists. Plus, the program has 24 hour care and supervision all in a gorgeous and spacious facility that felt like an ocean paradise to this desert dweller. Along with therapy, PTT offers a licensed nutritionist who works along side their full-time chefs who prepare the most delicious, healing meals each day. The program also has clinical interns who bring a caring, yet more youthful demeanor to the center. Pacific Teen Treatment truly rescued us. From the darkness we now have light. As others have mentioned, mental health is precarious and our journey will continue to have tougher days and long nights. However, thanks to this program we are ready. We are strong. We have hope!

    thumb Eliz
  • review rating 5  I wanted to thank you all so much and will forever be grateful for finding and being part of such a wonderful place as Pacific Teen Treatment, which you all make possible. The progress our son made during his time with you at PTT is simply incredible and my family, especially myself, have benefited so much. I can only describe it as an “amazing journey”. I wish we could have met under different circumstances but wouldn’t have wanted a different team to guide and bring us up from the lowest point of our life. Thank you for helping our family get through our time of crisis. The caring attention, correspondence, professionalism, pinpointing and making me aware of things I was blind to, while getting our son to open up and realize he’s not in it alone and that he and people can change, is something I admire. With our son now transitioned home we acknowledge that there still is a lot more individual and family work that has to happen but as a family system we are all much better off. Our home is calm, topics are discussed, and timeouts are taken when needed. We have all learned how to identify what we are feeling and how to better express our feelings in a non-blaming way. We are spending time together; our son is interacting with his sister and it’s a pleasure to see our son smile. Creating a Home Contract with the clinical team prior to coming home really helped establish a framework for communication, respect and understanding. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    thumb Robert F
  • review rating 5  When we realized our son needed a higher level of care, residential treatment scared the hell out of us! We called several facilities across the country and became even more skeptical when learned about other programs. Most facilities were "lock-down" facilities and focused on a punitive style of therapy. We later learned how outdated this method was and decided against programs that appeared to only "warehouse" struggling kids. I couldn't understand or come to grips with this style of punitive treatment when our son had done nothing wrong, he just needed someone to understand him and learn how to cope and heal. When we made the call to Pacific Teen Treatment, Jeremy knew exactly where we were sitting and gave us hope for treatment...treatment not only our son, but for our entire family! I have been trying to come up with the words to capture the beauty and love put into the program at PTT. Our son was there for 2 months and received the best care. Each staff member from director, therapist, clinical assistant and chef contributes their unique talents and gifts to the program and the families they serve. They do so without question or judgement which is what mattered most to my son. The education we received as parents will be treasured and put to good use throughout our lifetime. We understand that there will still be bumps along the road but we feel more confident every day and we are thankful for the continued support of PTT even after discharge! It's never easy trusting someone to care for your child, even more so when your child is struggling. Confidence was established immediately at PTT which made trust that much easier! Thank you Pacific Teen! You've changed our lives for the better!

    thumb Angela McBride
  • review rating 5  Jeremy was my first point of contact. He was SUPER! He listened patiently as I explained our situation with our daughter. He was quick to respond and helped us get the insurance information figured out. Coming from WA was a tad challenging but he picked us up from airport which was a huge help. The home where the kids stay was organized and clean. My daughter felt welcomed and accepted immediately. With her social anxiety that was a big relief for her. I was glad that we could talk to her regularly on the house phone and that we had face to face therapy sessions via internet. The staff was pretty amazing . They were easy to talk to and kept the kids busy with activities/sessions. The kids are always supervised 100% of the time. The therapists taught my daughter some very effective ways to communicate and she is now teaching me. One of the biggest changes I have seen with my daughter is spending less time on social media. (the kids do not have access to their cell phones) My daughter learned a lot about herself staying at Pacific Teen Treatment. She has been home for about 2 weeks and I can tell she is trying to make some adjustments within. We still have a long road ahead but now we have hope. Thank you Jeremy and the rest of the team for caring.

    thumb Kristine Peterson
  • review rating 5  This was my daughter's third residential program and a totally different experience for her and my family. After attending programs that were more focused on her behaviors, the staff at Pacific were able to help get to the underlying issues as the treatment was focused on her anxiety and depression. The staff were extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive when working with my daughter, myself and my wife. They included us in ways that we had not experienced in previous programs providing support and education for my wife and I that was tremendously helpful. For the first time in years our family is hopeful for the future! We are tremendously grateful for the staff and program at Pacific Teen Treatment.

    thumb Thomas Larson
  • review rating 5  When our teen son came to us with a mental health crisis, we didn't know where to turn. Thankfully, the Pacific Teen Treatment Center website caught our eye and we made the call. That was the start of an incredible journey of learning and healing for our family. The therapists, staff and other client families have been kind, respectful and accepting. As a parent, trusting the life (physical and emotional) of your child to a group of people that you don't know very well isn't easy. But, there was never a moment that we didn't feel safe and accepted. Their non-punitive approach and therapies focus on the whole person and include the whole family. Our son received wonderful guidance, tools and strategies for coping with his mental health struggles. We highly recommend Pacific Teen Treatment and are forever grateful.

    thumb Tiffany Gonzalez

Family Focused Treatment

At Pacific Teen Treatment, we believe it’s imperative for the family to be an integral part of the treatment process. We experience first-hand the research that links high success rates of adolescents leaving treatment programs to the quality of family therapy, to be true. In a society that’s often focused on individual success and personal achievements Family Therapy can often be overlooked. Placing a focus on the family treatment is our way of ensuring the best possible outcomes for the youth and families that we treat.

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