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Pacific Teen Treatment provides care for adolescents who struggle with mental and emotional health issues through a custom tailored 30-60 day residential treatment program.

Our program, staffed by experienced, highly trained professionals, is dedicated to preparing our clients for the real world. We focus on personalized treatment, which includes completing comprehensive diagnostic testing, developing a treatment plan tailored to the needs of each client, and closely monitoring progress. With this approach, we position the individual and family to transition back home and achieve success, however they may define it.

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Family involvement at Pacific Teen Treatment

When a family member struggles, it impacts the entire family in one way or another. Therefore, the more involved the family is in the treatment process, the better. It not only gives the adolescent the support he/she needs, but also significantly helps when the adolescent transitions back home after he/she completes his/her treatment process.

Families travel to Pacific Teen Treatment from all over the country to receive treatment and our staff is flexible to accommodate and work around you and your family’s schedule. We offer a variety of ways for families to participate in and offer their support during the treatment process both in person and remotely.

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