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Academic Program


We utilize and bring in tutors to work in specialized subjects that may be a part of a teenagers enrolled school requirements.

Young people that may need extra help in those subjects will also have a tutor available to him or her to fulfill those needs. Our tutors will work individually with each resident, assuring that the proper information is taught. The one-on-one teaching method can be incredibly beneficial for a teenager at Pacific Teen Treatment.

At Pacific Teen Treatment, we want to make sure that when our resident’s leave our program, they are greeted with as easy of a transition as possible. The requirement of daily school attendance will not subside

once a teen enters our program, nor will it end upon their completion of our program. By scheduling in three solid hours of school time into our daily schedule, we are teaching our adolescents that their responsibilities remain, even amidst tremendous challenges and especially during extreme growth experiences.

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Our admissions team can be reached 24/7 at or call: Phone Number,800-531-5769

You can learn more about PTT and our approach to adolescent treatment by filling out the form below:

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