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Who We TreatThe teenagers we treat struggle primarily with mental and emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

They are intelligent and naturally gifted in many ways, yet struggle to regulate and manage their emotions. They tend to be very sensitive to their surroundings and the well-being of others, often at their own expense. Many of our clients have experienced trauma, which inhibits them from being able to regulate their emotions in a healthy way.

We believe that adolescents who fit the above profile will not respond well to a punitive approach focused on behavioral change. Instead, they would benefit from an insight oriented approach, which focuses on the individual with the goal of teaching them how to manage their emotions in a healthier way. Rather than trying to force change upon them, we want to help empower, support and motivate these young people to make positive changes in their lives. We believe that this approach helps to ensure that the positive changes our clients make last well beyond their time in treatment, continuing when they return home and thereafter as they grow into responsible, productive and empowered adults.

When working in a group setting we always look out for the wellbeing of the group and cannot put any one individual above the group’s well-being. For this reason we have stringent exclusionary criteria which includes teens who act out against others through violence, aggressive behaviors and/or emotional bullying. We do not accept clients who have a history of being violent, sexual perpetrators or youth from the juvenile justice system

It’s no secret that today’s younger generations are growing up faster than ever before and with the ease of access to information it’s important adolescents have the internal skillset to manage their emotions so they can succeed in today’s extremely competitive world. Our program is dedicated to preparing our clients for the real world and putting the individual and family in best position to transition back home and achieve success, whatever that may be for that individual and family.

Sadly, the vast majority of adolescent care are based on outdated punitive approaches towards behaviors rather than treating the individual person. Instead of being treated like a unique individual and receiving a treatment plan specific to his or her needs, most programs attempt to force someone to fit into a predetermined treatment plan. After hearing countless stories of teens being misplaced in programs that were not able to property treat or help them through these difficult times, we knew there was a desperate need for a different approach towards adolescent treatment.

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Our admissions team can be reached 24/7 at or call: Phone Number,800-531-5769

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