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One of the difficulties of adolescence is the unconscious, inability to connect the various components of being (physical, emotional, mental) that are at play in one’s life.

If, for example, a young person overextends him or herself physically, he or she will become mentally exhausted. Also meaning that a teen that honors his or her physical self and makes healthy choices will subsequently better his or her state of mind.

At Pacific Teen Treatment, while therapy is the core of our program, we believe that successful treatment requires treating every component of one’s being, including one’s physical health. Some of the ways that we are sure to address our client’s physical health is by emphasizing exercise, nutrition, and improved self-care practices. It is our sincere belief that teenagers that take care of themselves, as a whole, will be healthier on every front.


An initial medical evaluation is frequently necessary to establish a baseline of the overall health of the teen.

Every resident will receive a medical evaluation, when necessary. Pacific Teen Treatment will work with the resident to arrange, schedule, and provide transportation to a medical doctor, if need be, for their medical evaluation. We do employ excellent medical support staff that is readily available, in the form of a nurse as well as a board certified, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Additionally, we will work with local specialists whenever needed to insure the best quality of care for our residents.


Proper nutrition is an essential component of a young person’s physical health.

For this reason, all teens at Pacific Teen Treatment will receive an individual nutritional assessment from a licensed nutritionist. Working with a nutritionist will help build a healthy foundation for proper eating habits. It will also help to educate each young person on the importance of proper dietary choices, as well as provide insight as to how how one’s food choices can affect their overall moods. Additionally, at Pacific Teen Treatment teenagers will learn about various foods that can help increase serotonin levels, which will help to increase one’s happiness.


Staying physically active is imperative for an adolescent.

There are a number of ways we encourage our residents to engage in daily physical activities. Some of the options teens are able to choose from include, hiking, yoga, working out in the gym, going to the beach, swimming…etc. There are innumerable physical benefits to exercising. Regular exercise can help a young person grow and maintain healthy bones, joints, and muscles. Regular daily exercise can help a teenager maintain a healthy body weight and proper muscle tone. Exercise can help an adolescent reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension. Exercising also encourages the natural release of endorphins (the chemicals in one’s body associates with happiness and pleasure). One of the most beneficial side effects of integrating regular daily exercise into a young person’s schedule is that it will help to improve his or her overall mood.

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Self-care is an essential skill to learn in one’s life.

Learning it during one’s adolescence can be incredibly helpful and useful far beyond one’s adolescence. Maintaining a healthy diet can be part of a teenager’s self-care practices. At Pacific Teen Treatment, we also view self-care to be about proper grooming habits, as well as learning healthy ways to reward oneself. Showing small self-loving actions can help to improve a teenager’s self-esteem and boost a teen’s confidence levels. At Pacific Teen Treatment we find it essential to teach our resident’s to learn to manage their own emotional and mental health to be equally as important as learning to properly care for one’s body and physical health.

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