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There is an incredible amount of academic pressure placed on young people in the United States.

Academic Pressure
At a very early age, children are encouraged to continuously think ahead and academically prepare themselves for subsequent academic milestones. This cyclical pattern of continuously anticipating the next step in academia can be quite damaging. Teens can experience academic pressure from any number of sources. In fact, it is highly common for young people to experience self-imposed academic pressure. Unfortunately, academic pressure is actually counterintuitive to academic success. It is not uncommon for academic pressure in teens to manifest as emotional and/ or physical stress. This, in turn, can cause a young person to preform poorly in their schoolwork as they attempt to upkeep unsustainable study habits. Teens can also lose interest in participating in extracurricular activities and spending time with friends.

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Further Information

Seeking help is never easy, but you are not alone! If you or someone you know is in need of mental health treatment, we strongly encourage you to reach out for help as quickly as possible. It is not uncommon for many mental health difficulties to impact a person’s life, long term. Seeking support at the beginning of one’s journey can put the individual in the best position to learn how to manage themselves in a healthy way so they can go on to live happy and fulfilling lives.

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