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At the foundation of all our relationships is the ability to communicate effectively. When we are able to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas about each other, to each other, in a way that is understood by the other, we start to feel closer and more connected. In families, this need to be understood and connected is becoming increasingly important in a world fragmented with social media and pressure to succeed.

However, ‘Communication Skills 101’ classes are rarely taught in schools and colleges and are, in general, lacking from most educational priorities. As a result, we have a tendency to pick up some habits that limit our ability to encourage open communication with others.

Family Focused Treatment - mother and daughter

Without realizing it, we are often guilty of stifling what is exchanged in our conversations, which can lead to some problematic patterns in our family and close relationships. For healthy communication in the family to be restored, it’s fundamental ensure that every person is heard, understood and valued.

At Pacific Teen Treatment, one of our primary goals is to ensure that your family leaves with skills and tools to facilitate communication. We believe that these skills lead to a deeper sense of connection and openness that facilitates healthier behaviors and relationships.

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