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At Pacific Teen Treatment, our mission is to provide teens who struggle with mental and emotional health issues, a safe, supportive environment to gain the insight and skills necessary to navigate their way to recovery.


Our values focus on four areas of treatment that ensure we work with and develop the skills our clients need to manage and regulate their emotions to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

1. Individual Therapy

We focus on personalized treatment, which includes individual therapy 5 days a week, completing comprehensive diagnostic testing, developing a treatment plan tailored to the needs of each client, and closely monitoring progress.

2. Family Focused Treatment

We believe that family treatment is just as important as the work done in individual therapy sessions and research shows that the quality of family therapy an adolescent receives in a residential program is directly correlated to their success after discharge.

3. Group Therapy

The most clear indicator whether an individual is likely to suffer from anxiety, depression or substance use is the quality of their connections. Intensive group therapy offers the ideal platform for us to focus on interpersonal relationships. Our staff are trained to run groups in an efficient and dynamic manner so as to deliver our clients an exceptional experience in group therapy.

4. Our Staff

Working with the adolescent population requires experienced and highly trained professionals who are culturally sensitive and dedicated to preparing our clients to return to their lives at home. To help our staff deliver exceptional treatment we provide relevant contemporary trainings and educational growth opportunities. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing workplace for our clients and staff to help create an environment in which everyone feels valued and supported.

Contemporary Teen Issues

These four values establish our program to be in a unique position to work with clients who are struggling with the contemporary issues teens are struggling with, from anxiety, depression, technology addiction, trauma, and self harm.

Contact Us

Our admissions team can be reached 24/7 at or call: Phone Number,800-531-5769

You can learn more about PTT and our approach to adolescent treatment by filling out the form below:

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