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Linney Owens

Program Therapist
M.A. LMFT (138668)

Originally from Los Angeles, Linney received her bachelor’s degree from The University of Arizona. She then went on to get her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. As an associate at The Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills, Linney worked primarily with individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma and mood disorders. Linney’s goal is to provide support and guidance to her clients while providing a safe space for them to express themselves freely. She draws on a variety of styles and techniques that are tailored to each individual client, with the goal of resolving underlying conflicts that tend to interfere with everyday life. Linney believes the therapeutic relationship can be a healing one. No one deserves to suffer in silence. Her talk-based approach creates a unique dynamic where the focus is solely on the client and increasing their awareness, while providing a safe space to explore their inner thoughts and feelings.

Clinical Supervision provided by Leanne Miler PhD and Cindy Weathers LMFT

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Linney Owens

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