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Corey Cardenas

Equine Therapy

Corey is trained and certified by EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association) and HIGH (Horse Inspired Growth and Learning).  She practices out of Big Heart Ranch, a Malibu based community wellness center and animal sanctuary.   BHR provides facilitated, nature based, experiential growth and learning interactions with our restorative herd of 75 rescued animals. These interactions nurture effective, emotional and behavioral wellness practices, while, compassionately guiding greater understanding of life’s challenges and strengths

Being raised in an equestrian family Corey has benn riding and training horses since she was 3.  Along the way a shift happened where now the horses are training her and she is now focused on doing equine therapy and exploring the relationships between horses and people.   She has a deep love for people and helping people find what is true, deep and meaningful in their lives.  Corey puts her heart and soul into this work and, because of that, she grows and changes everyday.

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Corey Cardenas

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