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When one member of a family system is suffering, it affects the entire system.

Pacific Teen Treatment provides a significant amount of support for the families of its resident’s. Young people come to Pacific Teen Treatment from all over the country for treatment. For families both that may be remote, as well as local, parents are welcome to call in and speak to any member of our staff about their child twenty-four-hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, our resident’s are welcome to use the phone to call their family members, at any time. In order to maintain continued involvement in their child’s treatment process, we provide regularly scheduled phone updates with parents and their treatment team. We also offer remote family therapy, which can be conducted over the phone or via Skype.

As a parent, one’s child is often the top priority in his or her life prioritized even above one’s own self. There are many circumstances and experiences that parents go through without allowing adequate time for processing or learning to productively integrate them into their lives. After all, parents are only human and have emotions and mental health challenges too! Another way in which we provide support to parents is by helping to locate local adult therapist, should a parent wish to speak to a mental health professional on his or her own behalf.

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At Pacific Teen Treatment, Saturdays are our designated family day at the residence.

All families are welcomed to join us and participate. It is important to note, however, that due to the fact that a significant number of our residents do not live locally, there are often a number of residents whose families are unable to attend. We typically have approximately fifty percent of our resident’s families join us on any given Saturday.

Family day runs from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon, followed by an optional two hour visiting time, from three o’clock until five o’clock. Family Day is made up of various activities for parents to be both with and without their child. It begins with a parenting group session, which is held in the morning. Following the parenting group session, everyone will have lunch. After lunch, there will be a multi-family group session that includes everyone together. Family Day provides the parents and family members an opportunity to speak with the staff members, spend time with their child, and meet with family members and parents of other teenagers going through similar experiences. This can create an excellent network of support for parents and family members.

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Regardless of the family structure, family therapy can be extremely beneficial to help heal the family dynamic as a whole.

Through family therapy, each member of the family will have the opportunity to improve his or her communication skills. Family therapy can help to introduce and reinforce healthy boundaries. It can illuminate and correct dysfunctional family patterns and work to disintegrate unhealthy family dynamics. Every member of a family can grow and benefit individually from participating in family therapy. For young people going through treatment, it is important to establish a healthy system and environment to return to, post completion of the treatment program. Family therapy can help to create a healthier system and safer environment for the teen in treatment to continue with his or her recovery.

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When appropriate, we offer therapy between siblings.

Depending on the family structure, there can be an incredible amount of animosity between siblings, especially when one may be receiving extra attention. Helping to heal the sibling relationship can ultimately help to heal the entire family system, and especially provide relief for the teenager in treatment.

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