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Matt Bradford

Rock to Recovery

Matt Bradford quit playing piano in the fourth grade because he wanted to play guitar. At 16, he bought himself a guitar; playing it became his life’s passion. After high school, Matt attended the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. He has worked in studios and been a studio musician for major label artists with Sony and Universal. He toured nationally with artists like Grizfolk and Sam Morrow. His last band, Adorable Addicts, broke up in 2010. That’s when he hit the road as a singer/songwriter in support of his four solo albums. He was on the road until late 2018, when he realized that touring was no longer the dream. A friend suggested Rock to Recovery. Matt now loves his work because he gets to play music without taking himself too seriously. He also enjoys watching people who are struggling, open up and embrace their recovery. The feeling of connection he has in those moments is what the work is all about.

Rock to Recovery is an innovative music program that harnesses the healing energy of music through songwriting, playing as a band, and recording. Rock to Recovery was founded in 2012 by Wesley Geer, formerly of the band KoRn. The program provides more than 400 sessions each month in 100+ facilities in California, Oregon, and Tennessee, as well as nationally through a contract with the Department of Defense working with the Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) program. The program administrators are rockstars, professional recording artists/touring musicians with significant sobriety. These musicians use the Rock to Recovery program to help non-musicians enjoy and benefit from the healing power of playing music and singing.

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